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Android, iOS, Windows & Mac application for the sparkly edition of A Course in Miracles

"You will see miracles through your hands through me" - Jesus

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This app is based on the “Sparkly” Thetford edition of A Course in Miracles. It contains 40,000 more words than the Foundation for Inner peace version and still holds to the agreement Jesus made with the scribes “to take out only what is personal”. Everything that remains here is how Bill Thetford and Helen Schuman agreed that it should be. And since Jesus elected Bill Thetford to be the one responsible for deciding “what stays in and is taken out” of A Course in Miracles, we wanted to honor the joining of these scribes and make the version that is closest to the original material available, freely, to all. We do not charge for any Sparkly books, we ask only for donations to print more books so we can continually give them away for free. This app is another way to give A Course in Miracles to our world. May you be blessed by it in countless and continual ways.

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Current Features

  • Based on the Sparkly Edition of A Course in Miracles, which is a derivetive of the Thetford, public domain edition.
  • It contains 40,000 words which were edited out of the blue book edition
  • Easily Navigate betwen the Text, Workbook and Manual for Teachers.
  • Also contains "Helen's Notes", an entire new book readable and searchable as a PDF inside the APP
  • Easily track your Progress through the workbook as well as the text and manual.
  • Set reminders to do your lessons
  • Dark mode for comfortable reading

Upcoming Features

  • Audiobook reading of the entire Book
  • Bookmarking & Favoriting
  • Selection of Text
  • Searched Results will be highlighted

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